This is a guide for you, the neighbor who wants to help vulnerable people nearby.

1. DO NOT make deliveries if you have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever, cough or other respiratory problems).

2. Always wear gloves and a mask when shopping and delivering.

3. Always have disinfectant with you, which you can use for your hands and for shopping.

4. Try to touch the products as little as possible, when you shop, you deliver them and take the money in cash.

5. Try to have change when you take over the value of the products.

6. Keep a reasonable distance, both when shopping, delivering, and receiving cash.

Attention! Conditions regarding:

  • shopping list, prices;
  • pick up of purchases – place, packaging, check package/bag, etc
  • cash withdrawal – place, envelope/bag
  • making the payment online – if possible, you establish them ONLY you, DIRECTLY with the beneficiary. is a website that facilitates the connection of people who need support with local volunteers. The way in which the purchases of food, medicines or the walk of the pet are carried out is established ONLY between the volunteer and the beneficiary. We do NOT INTERMEDIATE any service and we cannot control this process.