is a free, web-based platform to support people from vulnerable social groups across the UK by connecting them with volunteers who live in their immediate vicinity.

Accessible and functional at a national level, the volunteer services offered are completely free for all beneficiaries in vulnerable social groups. Senior citizens, people with disabilities, single parents or any individual or at-risk group currently in isolation can all utilise the tools available via

The application is simple to register as a volunteer, and as easy for beneficiaries to locate volunteers in their area. Made for mobile, will automatically adapt for use on desktop computers and tablet devices for ease of use.

Volunteers can also be identified by relatives or friends of those in need.
People with friends and family members who are unable to help their loved ones due to large distances, technophobia or self-isolation will find the new app particularly helpful.

There’s even a downloadable poster within the app for those not connected to the internet. Simply download a poster, fill it in with the beneficiary’s details, and display it in the local area for potential volunteers to see.

All volunteers must be fit and well with no symptoms of COVID 19.

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